AD Group Members

This FREE tool list Members of Active Directory Groups
AD Infrastructure Info

This FREE tool show information about Active Directory Infrastructure and export results to a text file
AD Show User Groups

This FREE tool show Group Membership of one AD User
AD User Info

This tool show User Info and Group Membership of one AD User
Check List Local Printers

This FREE tool filter List Local Printers files generated by List Local Printers
CTX Print Fix

This Hotfix repair the error "Print driver is not installed on this computer"
CtxAdmTools Windows Pack

The CtxAdmTools Windows Pack includes our 3 Windows paid tools (AD Group Members, AD User Info and TS and RDS Info)
Delete All

This FREE tool Delete one or multiple directories
Filter Events

This FREE tool filter events on your Windows servers
Hardware and Software Info

This FREE tool show Hardware and Software Information
List HotFix

This FREE tool list all Citrix and Microsoft Hot Fixes installed in your Citrix farm or local and remote Windows servers
MOM Set Maintenance v1.0

This FREE tool Put or Remove Servers and/or Groups on MOM Maintenance Mode
Multiple RegKey

This FREE Tool Query the Registry of Single or Multiple Windows Servers
Print Cert

This tool list Print Drivers installed in your Citrix farm or Windows servers
Print Driver

This FREE tool change or replace a single or multiple Print Drivers installed in Windows servers
Registry Compare

This FREE tool compare two registry files
Remote Services Manager

This FREE tool manage services on Remote Machines
TS and RDS Manager

This FREE tool manage servers and desktops TS and RDS licensing from one console
Visual Core Configurator 2008

This FREE tool Setup and Configure Microsoft Windows 2008 Core servers