Question: How CtxAdmTools started?

Answer: In 2008, the founder of CtxAdmTools, Guillermo Musumeci worked as Citrix Systems Engineer managining over 100 Citrix servers on 24x7 alone. Then Guillermo figure out that he cannot done this job without automation. There is no way he can manage, update and support this large amount of servers lonely, so he started to write some scripts and tools to manage the growing Citrix environment. Later he wrote some Active Directory tools.
At that time, Guillermo decided to start CtxAdmTools to share his tools for free.
Finally, when the company migrate all servers to VMware virtual machines in 2009, and the count of Citrix servers grow to +200 servers, he started to write Virtualization tools

Question: What features are new on the CtxAdmTools site?

Read our What is New at CtxAdmTools? page to learn more about our web site.

Question: Why do you start charging for your products?

Answer: Mostly of our product still free, but some advanced features requires a license. We think prices are pretty reasonable for the amount of hours we invested on the application and the amount of time people can save using the product.
On the beginning of CtxAdmTools, Guillermo worked for companies that allow him to share his tools for free.
Unfortunately, this changed over the last 3 years, when we started to work for Financial companies. They are not allowed him to release his tools. This forced us to work long hours afterhours or early the morning to code this site and automation tools.

Question: Why I need to register to download an application?

Answer: We want to know which applications are popular, so we can create similar applications or release updates frequently.

Question: What are you doing with my e-mail?

Answer: Absolutely nothing wrong with it. We don't sell or share it. We only use it when you lost your password or cannot remember your username. Also, if you buy a product we will deliver licenses by e-mail. If you want, you can read more in our privacy policy.

Question: Any plans to update existing tools to work with XenApp 6.X?

Answer: Yes! Keep your eyes open and join us on our social media sites. We are going to release lot of new tools over next few months. Unfortunately, Citrix change the programming interface on XenApp 6.x so we need to rewrite all tools from scratch. Get ready! Also, we have very cool AD and VMware tools coming soon!

Question: I'm getting an "Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again." error when I tried to login.

Answer: try to reset your password using the "Reset the password" link. You need to login using your username instead of your e-mail address. Your username is listed on your reset password e-mail. ad

Question: the license activation requires my Active Directory domain name. Where can I get it?

Answer: read our Get your Active Directory domain name page.

Question: I have issues with my license file. Where can I get help?

Answer: check our License Troubleshooting page.

Question: I want to know more about the license purchse process. Where can I get more info?

Answer: check our walkthrough of the license purchase in the Checkout Step By Step page.

Question: How is the process to activate a license?

Answer: check our walkthrough of the license activation process in the Activate License Step By Step page.

Question: I have an issue or questions about one of your products. Where can I get more info?

Please check our Support page or contact us using our Contact Form

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