None of these tools requires any special installation.
Just copy the .EXE file and run it.
If you are using Windows 2008/2012 or Windows Vista/7/8 use the option "Run as administrator"

Execute Permissions:

If you try to run any CtxAdmTools application on a Citrix server (5.0 and previous versions) and you receive an error such us
"You must be a Citrix admin to run this application" follow this procedure:

Run the DCOMCNFG tool at a command line prompt.
Click in Component Services, Computers, My Computer.
Right-click My Computer.
Click the Default Properties tab.
Verify that Enable Distributed COM on this computer is selected.
Verify that Impersonate is selected in the Default Impersonation Level drop-down list and Click OK.

Citrix XenApp DCOM

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